Close-up Magic For Your Wedding In Birmingham

If you want to make your wedding truly memorable, a touch of close-up magic could do the trick.

This is considered by many to be the most dextrous type of magic, because, as its name suggests, it’s extremely difficult to hide any mistakes. Everything is done right before people’s eyes, rather from the safe distance of a stage.

Any Wedding Magician who practises this type of magic, therefore, must know exactly what they’re doing, in order to keep their audience mesmerised. Otherwise known as ‘micro magic’, it involves skill rather than simple illusion or deceit.

Darting between tables, a close-up magician is perfect for events like weddings, where guests are sat down at tables and waiting for their main course. It will prevent there being any moment of boredom or lapses in their enjoyment.

For the best Close Up Magician for Weddings in Birmingham, check out Magic Bob.

He will keep all age groups happy, including children, by performing a range of dazzling tricks to bewitch everybody and leave them utterly gobsmacked. Magic Bob has over 20 years of experience performing this type of magic, for wedding, birthday parties, corporate events and more.

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Or call: 0121 445 2279 or (mob) 0780 090 5976

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