Close Up Magician Birmingham

Close up magicians are those who have exceptional sleight of hand. Often performing in intimate settings, they deliver incredible tricks right before your eyes. Hiring a great close up magician is therefore a great way to liven up any event. Weddings, parties and corporate events all benefit from this type of entertainment.

The history of this type of magic is veiled in mystery. There’s definite evidence it was performed in the open air markets of Ancient Rome. The term itself however wasn’t coined until the 1920s. One thing is for sure: people have always loved magic. It helps us escape our daily life and returns us to a sense of wonderment.
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One of the finest magicians in the Midlands, Magic Bob can make any event unforgettable. Whether you have a summer wedding, christening or house warming party, he will guarantee guests are delighted and entertained. His close up magic techniques are done right under your nose, amazing both children and adults alike.
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