If you own or manage a restaurant do you need a Magician?

If you own or manage a restaurant do you need a Magician?

A lot of restaurants go out of business every year as it’s a very competitive industry, as a consumer walking down the street to find where to go out for a meal. You look for something different and that not only stands out in the quality and the meal itself but something else, and that’s when you see a magician advertised.

Restaurant magicians performing magic at the tables, also known as close up magic, the magician performs his miracles before the food is served or between courses.

As close up magic has now become very popular and with magicians like dynamo, David Blain and Ben Hansen as seen on TV, it has made close up magic more popular and lends itself perfectly to the restaurant environment.

Now as a restaurant manager/owner this is something you should now take advantage of and book a close up magician. As your customers will love it and it is perhaps a little different to what the other restaurants are doing down the same high street or area.

So if you would like repeat customers, book a magician on a residency basis, on a weekly or fortnightly basis. People get used to this and ask their friends and family to come and see that magician doing awesome magic. A lot of restaurants brand the nights as a magic nights and so word gets round after a few weeks – Also your business starts to increase.

It may be you have a family restaurant and sometime it’s the kids even that choose where mom and dad should eat out and that’s when magic bob performs awesome close up magic tricks and balloons, where do you think the kids will choose, the one next door where he is bored or where he is entertained. Also that’s when mom and dad can relax and join in and have a happy family time.

There is always that time when you are busy and turn customers away because they don’t want to wait half hour, but if you have a magician doing awesome magic and balloons while they wait and so time goes quickly for them and before you know there tables ready and they are in full conversation about the magic they just saw, so now you have turns a potential walk out into a happy customer.

Sometimes there could be a problem in the kitchen or delay for some reason on the food service or just very busy, a good magician will work with the staff and explain the situation and entertain them for ten minutes and before the customer knows the food has arrived.

Do you ever need a table clearing fast, so to get the next customer in, then a magician can do just that by asking them to join him at the bar area, once there they are entertained with some awesome magic and then the table can be turned around. Plus the customers may even stay in the bar to have another drink.

When magic is performed at the table it may involve bending a coin in their hands which may be kept by the customer who then shows it to other friends and family and so the word gets round by word of mouth. This generates publicity that you just can’t buy. I have been to many restaurants where they have never met me before and they ask me to bend that penny or they even open a purse and bring out a bent coin and say I have had this for six months in here can you do it again.

Having a magician in a restaurant is cost effective and will generate repeat business and new business, so if you wish to find out more or let me come in for a one off to enable you to watch the reaction of your customers and listen to the laughter. I promise you will soon wonder why you did not do it years ago.

Please contact magic bob on 01214452279 or mobile 07800905976

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