Party Magician Magic Bob

Are you looking for a party magician? with that WOW Factor, you’re on the road to party heaven! As I love performing magic at parties – not only is everyone really up for being entertained but it also makes me feel popular as I get invited to so many. As a close up party magician I have performed at thousands of 18th, 21st, 40th, even 90th birthday parties! Small and large dinner parties, childrens’ parties, even pool parties. Close up magic goes down really well at parties no matter how many people you invite.
Close Up Magic is ideal for parties or events such as –
◾Small intimate dinner parties
◾Large dinner parties
◾Private parties
◾Restaurant parties
◾Birthday parties of all age groups

I’ve done them all! You and your guests will be amazed as the magic is so strong.

Email me if you live in the Midlands and would like a to hire a party magician.

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