Why do you need a magician for your Dinner Party?

Why do you need a Magician for your dinner party

Do you need a magician for your dinner party, not sure if an entertainer is required? No matter what time of year, a great dinner party cheers everyone up; it may even be a celebration or even your birthday. Then you may have chosen the right idea as this type of event is much tailor made for close up magic.
With all your guests sat at the table, then the stage is set for some Awesome magic, this close up magic is the most skilful type of magic around and is guaranteed to make the room buzz with excitement and guaranteed to bedazzle everybody.
You have also made a spectacular choice in picking Magic Bob as will keep your guests entertained throughout the evening. So while you’re waiting for those tasty courses and between glasses of wine there will be gasps of amazement and laughter. Then comes your main course, enjoyable as it may be, excitement fills the room because you know Magic bob is coming back to your table.
It may be your party has included a buffet style meal, But you also know you are in safe hands while magic bob mix and mingles with your family and friends making items just disappear, bend or simply appearing in seemingly impossible places will be the delight of all.
Towards the end you may be serving chocolate gateau or canapes, But Magic Bob will provide the finishing touch to make your evening truly memorable.
With over 20 years’ experience, Magic Bob will keep all age groups happy, performing a variety of amazing tricks, making your special day enjoyable for everyone.
For more information or to discuss your requirements please call magic bob on 0121 445 2279 or mobile 07800905976

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