Dinner Parties

Dinner Parties

No matter the time of year, a great dinner party cheers everyone up. This event is also pretty much tailor-made for close up magic.

With everyone sat at tables, the stage is set for some mind-boggling tricks. This is the most skilful type of magic around and guaranteed to bedazzle everybody.

While you’re waiting for those tasty courses, Magic Bob will keep your guests entertained throughout. Between glasses of wine there will be gasps of amazement while waiting for the main course. Similarly if you’re having a buffet, the magic of Bob’s disappearing objects re-appearing in seemingly impossible places will delight all.

Whether you’re serving chocolate gateau or canapés, Bob provides the finishing touch to make your evening truly memorable.

Why not contact Bob today and discuss your specific requirements? He is a highly versatile performer and can fit in with any party plan.

For more information contact Magic Bob on 01527 546131 or (mobile) 07800 905976.

Alternatively complete the contact form on the website.


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