Restaurant Magician

Whether you run an Indian or Italian, having a regular restaurant magician will keep guests delighted, make their visit memorable and ensure that they keep returning. It also fantastic for any special events you might be having, such as Christmas meals, summer events or corporate parties.

No matter your seating arrangements, most restaurants are the perfect place for a little close-up magic. Magic Bob can keep customers entertained, while they are waiting for food, guaranteeing that any time spent waiting will fly by. Before they know it customers, will have their main course, and they’re sure to be tucking in with a smile on their face.

Perfect for both adults and children, along with close-up magic, Magic Bob can also perform some amazing balloon modelling. This is a perennial favourite for children’s birthday meals and will give your guests a gift to leave with. Just another little touch that will make their dining experience truly memorable.

Magic Bob should be that special extra on any restaurant menu.

For more information, please contact Bob on 01527 546131 or (mobile) 07800 905976.

Alternatively, fill in an online contact form.

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